Stamp & Doodle: Trucks & Diggers

Ангилал: Гадаад ном

Stamp & Doodle: Trucks & Diggers

Эрхлэн гаргасан: Lake press

  • ISBN: 978-0655-222-38-5
  • Хавтас: Хатуу
  • Хэвлэгдсэн он: 2024
  • Хуудас: 64
  • Хэмжээ: 235х310 мм
  • Жин: 250
  • Үлдэгдэл: Үлдэгдэлтэй байна

  • 0.0

  • Үндсэн үнэ: 39,900 ₮
  • Хямдарсан үнэ: 0 ₮
  • Төлөх үнэ: 39,900 ₮

Let loose your imagination by stamping and doodling scenes filled with trucks and diggers! Stamps, ink and a touch of creativity add up to hours of fun! There are 6 themed stamps for each title, with three colours of ink to use.
Featuring detailed, bright artwork, learning has never been so fun.
The prompts on each page encourage creativity and individuality.
Includes ink pad with three colours to bring brilliance to the pages of these Stamp & Doodle books.
Engaging interactive activities to boost imagination and creativity.
Ages 3+

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