A day in the llife

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A day in the llife

Зохиолч: Cooper Baltis

  • ISBN: 978-9997-30-403-2
  • Хавтас: Зөөлөн
  • Хэвлэгдсэн он: 2014
  • Хуудас: 24
  • Хэмжээ: 127х194 мм
  • Жин: 35
  • Үлдэгдэл: Дууссан

  • 0.0

  • Үндсэн үнэ: 6,000 ₮
  • Хямдарсан үнэ: 0 ₮
  • Төлөх үнэ: 6,000 ₮

There are billions of people in the world, and we are all different. In this book, you will read about the lives of six different people around the world. Find out if your life is similar to a doctor's life in South Africa; or a brother and sister living in New York. What is life like for a young boy in Calcutta? Read about a young girl's day in the Mongolian countryside. What do you do every day? Is it like these people's lives or is it different?

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