Motivational stories - 1

Ангилал: Гадаадын уран зохиол Хүүхэд

Motivational stories - 1

Зохиолч: Мэхмэт Элчи

Эрхлэн гаргасан: Эмпати төв

  • ISBN: 978-99962-1-167-6
  • Хавтас: Зөөлөн
  • Хэвлэгдсэн он: 2016
  • Хуудас: 108
  • Хэмжээ: 246*172мм
  • Жин: 315
  • Үлдэгдэл: Дууссан

  • 0.0

  • Үндсэн үнэ: 12,500 ₮
  • Хямдарсан үнэ: 0 ₮
  • Төлөх үнэ: 12,500 ₮


In this book you'll find the stories about human nature, conscience, feelings and human relations with one another. We hope these stories will make you think about the meaning of life more thoroughly and give some knowledge, some lessons about life and some happiness as well. Besides from going deep in to the most solitary spot in your heart, it will also contribute to your general knowledge.

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